Connect People with Racing

Connect People with Racing

NASCAR legends Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin.
The story about the speedway –

Energizing a New Nascar Nation

The Mission

In a culture engineered for performance and speed, NASCAR was looking for opportunities to expand their “nation” of fans! For many die-hard enthusiasts, understanding the speedway and point systems can be daunting in comparison to other American sports. The NASCAR Advertising team approached us to help them rally newer, younger audiences into the excited and accelerated NASCAR narrative.

The Outcome

We drafted the story from the beginning to end, capturing the feelings associated with a new fan’s first NASCAR experience. We introduced our new audience to the future of NASCAR’s racing scene, inviting them to join the community through energetic motion graphics and voice overs.

Connect people with racing

how we do our work –

racing in motion


We captured the pacing and structure of the video by roughing out important frames, timed to a soundtrack. This initial stage paved the way for our ideas to take form in the final video.

Storyboarding for NASCAR

Style Frames

After staging the initial ideas, we needed to think about the final deliverable. What was art direction? How could we engage our imagined ideas into reality? So, we developed style frames that acted as windows into what the final product would look like.

Styleframes for NASCAR

Motion Graphics

Finally, we gave our style frames life by animating each element to our selected soundtrack. Our team had to develop a motion language so that all animated assets felt like an extension of the brand. When it comes to energizing a new audience in an effort to stay engaged, motion matters.

Playoff Graphics in TitleRacer overview in PlayoffsNumber of rounds in PlayoffsPlacing in Playoffs

connect people with racing

How we helped our client –

Beyond the Finish Line

Since the launch of this video series, we have captured the attention and awe of thousands of new fans, nation-wide.   

Endure is consistently able to deliver work that exceeds expectations even on tight timelines. Their value for clear and consistent communication makes them an excellent production partner.

Client Photo
Brandon Messner
Creative Director
Fresh Tape Media

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