Films with Force and Vision

Films with Force and Vision

Man guilty of generational rage passed from his father down to his son.
Emerging Stories in Saudi Arabia –

Defeating Domestic Violence, with Story

The Mission

Violence within the home can devastate a country’s values. Saudi Arabia was indexed as a country with the highest rates of domestic violence in the middle east, until a 2019 initiative was made by Saudi women to flip the script. So, we were asked to partner with Dalyah Bakheet and her team to help end the violence done to women and children in Saudi Arabia.

The Outcome

Through pre-production efforts of storyboarding and character design, we were able to weave together several domestic survival stories we called “vignettes”. The final product is a sobering, visceral depiction of the Arabian world that many women and children endure.

Films with Force and Vision

how we do our work –

in-between the frames


In an effort to ensure that the characters, narration, and emotions are all composed correctly, we developed an animated storyboard to help guide our animation team toward our creative vision.

Storyboard example for AXE.

Character Design

Using grey-monotones as the overall direction proved to be challenging when trying design these characters. We had to slip in colors of blue, yellow, red, and green in the environment in order to correctly convey the emotions their story was associated with.

Character design used for AXE.

Design compositions

We designed several frames of compositions that acted as a stage for our animation team add motion and sound.

A woman offering hot tea.Young boy lost in void.Man guilty of generational rage passed from his father down to his son.Family in living space.Abusive husband hits wife.Young girl leaving for school alone and hungry.Young teen forced to watch adult films.Young boy fears the empty void.A sobering interview.


The eerie animations elevated each illustrated vignette in an effort to depict the Saudi's world as a dark, dismal children's storybook.

Hungry girl with nothing eat.Boy in the Void, terrifiedGuilt animation exampleMirror cracking animation

Films with Force and Vision

How we helped our client –

The Aftereffects

While this video has been acknowledged by the Saudi Arabian Civil Rights community as a whole, the story won several small awards and a nomination at the 2019 Annecy Film Festival, while also being awarded a grant.


Grant Winner

2019 Nominee

Annecy Perspectives Award

"We hired Endure for an animated film, and they went above and beyond our expectations. They always responded with amazing communication all the time, and they are really one of the best groups I worked with. We highly recommended them."

Client Photo
Dalyah Bakheet
CEO, Director
Axe Pictures

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